Connie Olm celebrates 25 years in the Credit Union System in March 2019! In May 1994, Connie started at North Valley Credit Union as a casual Member Service Representative and Receptionist. In July of that year she came to Churchbridge Credit Union as a file clerk. Prior to starting her Credit Union career, Connie worked for the Deer Park School Board Office as a payroll clerk, which was her first job after finishing her Certificate in Computer Information Systems at SIAST in Moose Jaw.

In her time with the Churchbridge Credit Union, Connie has held many different positions. File clerk, Member Services Representative, Loans Officer, Receptionist, Marketing and Technology Coordinator, and Support Services Manager have all led her to her current role as Deposit and Support Services Manager. While her current position has very little direct member contact, Connie supports the staff in the departments she manages; these departments serve members every day.

Part of Connie’s duties are to ensure that the credit union has the staff in place to serve our members, and that they are trained appropriately. She ensures that policies and procedures are in place and followed in her departments.

Connie has had many memorable moments over the years, but one that stands out in her mind is when a staff member accidently set off the silent alarms and was not aware. The local police chief at the time, Pat Hope, got the call without staff knowing and came to the credit union. He was looking in the windows to check on staff; Connie heard a nose, checked out the window, and saw the end of a gun being tapped on the window! He was trying to get the staff’s attention to see if they were OK, but ended up scaring her quite a bit!

Connie enjoys helping members, and staff, with troubleshooting problems: something she does on a daily basis it seems. She says the best part of her job is seeing how our members, communities, and the credit union have grown and prospered over the years that she has worked here. She is proud of Churchbridge Credit Union for the fantastic staff she works with, and their commitment to the credit union, the members, and the communities we serve. What Connie enjoys most about working at Churchbridge Credit Union is the people and the volunteering opportunities. Connie’s favorite volunteering experience has been helping with the June Daze BBQ: each year we work alongside a different group or organization, so you get to know a lot of different people in the community.

Connie lives in Churchbridge with her husband, Terry, and son Brandon. While her adult daughters, Cailey and Reghan, have moved out, they come back to visit as often as possible.