Index Linked Deposits

Index Linked Deposits

A Smart Way to Participate in Foreign Stock Markets!

Churchbidge Credit Union offers four Index/Equity Linked products;MARKETFLEX®, PRAIRIES BASKET™, GLOBAL MARKET™, and AMERICAN MARKET™. Index-linked products offer returns based on stock market index performance; equity-linked products offer returns based on the performance of individual stocks within an equity basket. These products are a good option for investors because, unlike mutual funds, there is no chance of a loss to the original investment.  These investments are RRSP, RRIF and RESP eligible, some restrictions may apply.  

  • AMERICAN MARKET™ Index-Linked Term Deposit, which allows participation in the U.S. large cap market;
  • GLOBAL MARKET™ Index-Linked Term Deposit, which allows participation in foreign stock markets;
  • MARKETFLEX® Index-Linked Term Deposit, where the return on investment is linked to the Canadian Stock Market; and
  • PRAIRIES BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit, which allows investors to profit from the success of companies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

For more information on these investments please stop in at one of our branches or contact us. 

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation guarantees to all depositors, repayment in full of all deposits in Saskatchewan credit unions.  Your principal, in an index-linked term deposit is fully guaranteed.  Because the return these deposits realize is linked to the performance of stock market indices, the return cannot be guaranteed until it has been deposited to the credit union.


“More information on these investment types and estimated performance can be found at: