Janessa Liepert

Janessa has been working in the Credit Union System for 10 years and is currently a loans officer in our Churchbridge Branch. She started in October 2008 at Diamond North Credit Union as a part-time teller, then Admin Clerk, before transferring to Churchbridge in February 2011. Starting as a casual Member Service Representative, Janessa moved to the Office Assistant role before training as a loans officer in late 2017. Janessa has worked in many different areas, and been assigned many different duties at the credit union. She worked on the transition team when there were talks of amalgamation, and has cross-trained as a Loans Admin Clerk and Accounting Assistant in the past.

Janessa enjoys helping members find financial solutions. She loves to trouble shoot to find solutions to complicated and unusual problems and situations. She finds helping first time home buyers and helping people with their first loan to be a very rewarding part of her job. She is very proud of our cooperative principles and the way we give back to our communities.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Churchbridge Credit Union, Janessa said the staff. She said there is a great culture at Churchbridge Credit Union and she enjoys working with her friends every day: having fun inside and outside the office. She also finds a great work life balance. Her most memorable moments include falling off her teller chair during her first week at the Churchbridge Credit Union. She also has fond memories of participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge – it was a great team-building experience but was much worse than she expected!

Janessa’s favorite volunteering experience is donating blood: it makes you feel good to give something that could save a life. She also found volunteering at the movie theater in Langenburg to be a fun group volunteer activity!

Janessa lives in Churchbridge with her husband, Dan. She is an active member of the community, serving as a member of town council, with the Lioness Club, and many other organizations.