Lock’N’Block® is a service that lets you “lock” your Interac Flash debit card to “block” unauthorized or unwanted use through your mobile app or online banking. 

  • Lock your debit card
  • Block ATM transactions
  • Block purchases and refunds
  • Block all international transactions

…24/7 all through online banking or your mobile app!

To access Lock’N’Block® through online banking

  • Log in to online banking
  • Click Account Services > Lock’N’Block®

To access Lock’N’Block® through your mobile app

  • Log in to your mobile app
  • Tap the Lock’N’Block® icon

If you should have any questions about Lock’N’Block®, we’d love to help:

  • Call us at 1.877.890.2797 or
  • Stop by either of our branches

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your debit card can’t be used until you locate it (at which time you can “Unlock” your card and start using it again) or contact us and report it lost or stolen.

Lock’N’Block® is a registered trademark of Everlink Payment Services Inc.



To learn more about how easy it is to use Lock’N’Block®, click here to watch a short video.