Kendra Patzwald

While Kendra’s background includes Director/Facilitator at a Business/Career College, Legal Assistant, Member Services Representative, and Tech Support, to name a few, and her current role at Churchbridge Credit Union is Tech Support/Project Coordinator. She has been working in the Credit Union system for 9 years.

During her day to day, Kendra can be found providing technical support to her co-workers and to our members, and researching and implementing new online and technical services. She has worked on bringing in many special projects, including the new app, cards, changes to MemberDirect Online Banking, Interac Online, PFM (Personal Financial Management): the list goes on and on! She loves helping members have access to the latest banking technology. Kendra always enjoys finding ways to make things easier for people: she loves talking with members and getting to know them. She wants members to want to do business with Churchbridge Credit Union, and to make sure that things work well for them, and they feel good about their experience, whether they come into the branch or use one of our online services.

Kendra is proud to work for Churchbridge Credit Union, and loves coming to work every day. She takes pride in how much we do for the communities, and how involved we are. The best part of her job is the big projects that she works on: she loves the whole process from start to finish. It feels like such an accomplishment when it all comes together. She also believes that her co-workers are a great group of people; everyone helps each other and it feels like one big family.

Kendra’s most memorable moment at the Churchbridge Credit Union was releasing the new app. It was exciting to be a part of something completely new to us. Her favorite volunteering experience has been June Dayz, as staff get to see and visit with so many people. She loves big events like that: right from the setup to the clean up! Kendra also enjoyed working with the Town of Bredenbury, her home town, when they were planning their homecoming a few years back. It was so much work, but worth it when it all came together! Kendra is a very active member of her community, serving on many boards and committees.

Kendra lives in Churchbridge with her husband, Ed, and two kids, Abby and Theodore.