2020 Community Investment Program Recipients

2020 Community Investment Program Recipients

The Churchbridge Credit Union believes companies such as ours have the ability and the responsibility to step forward to support the social, cultural and economic enrichment of our communities. To maintain our commitment to our communities, Churchbridge Credit Union sets aside an annual pledge of up to 1.5% of pre-tax profit to non-profit organizations for substantial donations.

For the year 2020, as it is our 75th Anniversary, the Churchbridge Credit Union designated $75,000 towards the Community Investment Program.  

Churchbridge Players – Stage and Performance Equipment – $5,000.00

“Churchbridge Players are especially grateful to have received funding from CCU this year since our production has been postponed indefinitely. The play we are preparing is extremely ambitious for this company. 


As our plays become more complex, our needs have grown, and our staging and sets have expanded. This funding allows us to purchase secure storage, as well as some additional lighting. The new lights will enhance our future performances; the storage will give the group a safe and secure permanent home for its equipment. 


We are all looking forward to presenting Clue on Stage whenever we are able. The support we receive from the community in general, and Churchbridge Credit Union in particular, makes our efforts truly rewarding. 


On behalf of Churchbridge Players, sincere thanks.”

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Players


Bredenbury Fire Department – Renovations for New Fire Hall – $5,000.00

“The Churchbridge Credit Union and Community Investment Fund is always there to support local organizations and communities like ours. The Bredenbury Fire Department is pleased to announce that they have supported our initiative to continue renovations of the Old School Gym and Library into a new Fire Hall for the amount of $5000. The New Fire Hall will provide the Volunteer Fire Department their own building without having to share a space with Public Works. This new larger space will allow for more training, meetings, and access. It will also have a private access for the very important First Responders of Bredenbury. Thank you once again to Churchbridge Credit Union in helping our Volunteer organizations and keeping our community safer.”

Find them on Facebook: Bredenbury Fire Department


Churchbridge Curling Club – Repurpose Curling Rocks – $5,000.00

“The Curling Rink is very thankful to the Churchbridge Credit Union for its generous donation.   The money will go towards our clubs project to upgrade our rocks with inserts and new striking bands.    This will ensure our rocks are in great shape for years to come.   This support keeps people of all ages active in the community.”     

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Curling Club


Churchbridge Aquatic Centre – Rock Climbing Wall – $5,000.00

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Aquatic Centre


Langenburg Care Home Activity Department (Quality of Life) – Develop Backyard – $5,000.00

“Thank you sincerely for the money put towards our backyard project. The residents have a lot of gratitude for your generous contribution. This money will help us make our dream become reality this summer with Phase One of our project: creating this widened cement sidewalk and landscaped area.

Many studies have shown that when care homes are designed to enable greater connections with nature, residents’ moods improve, they recall those pleasant long-ago memories and bring them back to a healthier time. Thank you for being a part of our community and our story.”

Click here to learn more:

Bredenbury Busy Bees – New Flooring – $4,800.00

“We would like to thank the Churchbridge Credit Union for awarding our organization the grant of $4800 to fund our new flooring project. It is very appreciated, not only for appearance, but for health reasons. The section of our flooring to be replaced is between 40-50 years old, and we have no idea what we have been exposing everyone to until it’s removed.

Our building is not only used by our seniors but the entire community and neighbouring towns. It is rented for all events too small to warrant renting the Town Hall. Also, we are keeping our rental cost low to be affordable to everyone. These events include:

  • Election Polling Stations, both Federal and Provincial
  • John Ambulance First Aid Courses
  • Babysitting Courses
  • Gun Safety Courses
  • Company and Union meetings and training classes
  • Church groups
  • Wedding Showers and Gift Openings
  • Birthday and Anniversary parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Also our Regular Monday Afternoon Coffee Group

In conclusion, our organization thanks you as well as our entire community.”

Click here to learn more: https://www.townofbredenbury.ca/index.php?docID=78


Churchbridge Minor Sports – 1/2 Ice Hockey Rink Dividers – $4,500.00

“With the money provided by The Credit Union we can purchase half ice boards which will create a better half ice hockey experience for the initiation and novice level kids. This is something that has been mandated to minor sports across Canada and with this donation it allows us to fulfil these requirements. The boards can also be used to give the arena more versatility in utilizing the ice surface if you wanted to have one side for shinny and one side for open skating. Thank you for the generous donation and we appreciate the Credit Union giving back to the community.”

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Minor Sports


Churchbridge Daycare Cooperative – Windows – $4,000.00

“Our goal is to eventually replace all of the six sets of windows, and with your donation, we are able to start the process of replacing another set of windows.


Our windows at the daycare are original and because they are so old they are poorly insulated, most are missing screens, they are difficult to open, and some don’t open at all. Some of our windows are also cracked and broken. We’ve temporarily “fixed” the broken and cracked windows with masking tape, however this is still very unsafe for the children in our care. With the windows being poorly insulated it also increases our monthly energy bill. Being a non-profit charitable childcare centre, we try to save money wherever we can.


We are also limited on which windows we can open because most are missing screens, which means that we are unable to take advantage of the fresh air.


To keep parent fees affordable, we rely on fundraisers, grants, and donations for minor and major building and equipment repairs.


We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the generous donation towards our window repairs. With the support from community organizations like yours we are able to reach our goals, and in reaching our goals we enrich the lives of the children we care for.”

Visit them online at www.churchbridgedaycare.ca, or on Facebook: Churchbridge Daycare Co-operative


Bredenbury Lions Club – Replace Slide at Bredenbury Lions Park – $3,750.00

“The Bredenbury Lions Club wishes to extend a most sincere appreciation to the Churchbridge Credit Union for their approval of our grant request to aid in the installation of a new kids slide in our Playground. The approval of $3750 will help us get this slide installed sooner rather than later. In these times, fundraising has become more difficult for all organizations, but it is wonderful to see that the Churchbridge Credit Union has taken the lead in supporting service clubs like the Lions. As one of our members stated: “I will not let my grandkids near that old slide.” Again, thank you for your donation and approval of our request. Your support is most deeply appreciated!”

Find them on Facebook: Bredenbury Lions Club


Leaps & Bounds Dance Studio – Exterior Renovation, Parking Lot Maintenance – $3,675.00

“The Leaps & Bounds Dance Studio would like to express our sincere thanks for being selected as recipient of the Community Investment Program for 2020.

With this donation our local dance club will be able to continue to provide a positive contribution in the development of the young dancers in our club.  The funds received are going to be put towards helping keep the building exterior safe for the club members.  This summer the plan is to update some of the exterior features of the building – such as doors and steps and place a new layer of gravel in the parking area.

Once again, thank-you for your continued support to community groups, Leaps & Bounds Dance Studio is welcoming of all those who want to learn and share their love for dance.”

Learn more here: http://www.langenburg.ca/p/leaps-and-bounds-dance-studio


Churchbridge & District Fitness Centre – Lighting, Air Conditioning – $3,000.00

“Thank-you sincerely for the money put toward the Churchbridge and District Fitness Centre. The board sincerely appreciates the money put towards lighting. Up keep is always a challenge as a non-profit volunteer group and we sincerely appreciate your contribution to our building contributing to keeping our gym viable and safe for our members. Churchbridge Fitness Centre is committed to our members and at times like these realizing mental health and physical health are very important to our surrounding communities. Churchbridge Fitness Centre doing their part and keeping all ages healthy and strong. Thank-you.”

Learn more here: http://www.churchbridge.com/living/fitness.htm, or on Facebook: Churchbridge & District Fitness Centre


Langenburg & District Activity Centre – Multi-Rider Bike – $3,000.00

“Thank you to the Churchbridge Credit Union for the generous donation! We are so thrilled and grateful to have received this grant to put towards a quadricycle (double bench bike) for our Day Program. Our goal here at the Langenburg & District Activity Centre is to provide high quality person centered supports and programs to the individuals we serve. With those we support having varying abilities and interests we often seek creativity within our team and community. Having a double bench bike will open doors for new adventures! This bike will create a safe and exciting way to enjoy

and explore our community without the concern of any physical barriers or limitations. We cannot wait see you all out and about!”

Find them on Facebook: Langenburg & District Activity Centre Inc.


Churchbridge Walking Path – Startup Costs – $3,000.00

“We are grateful for the Churchbridge Credit Union and their active and enthusiastic support for our community. Your Community Investment Program supports organizations like ours in our endeavour to strengthen and enrich our community. Your support is not only a practical help in our effort but a significant encouragement. 


We look forward to keeping you in touch with respect to the development of our community’s Walking and Pike path initiative. A walking and bike path will benefit our whole community and will allow children, youth and families to have safer routes to walk instead of having to use the road. 


Thank you for your generous and tangible support in this endeavour to promote health and wellness in our community for the betterment of all.”

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Walking & Bike Path


The Homestead Museum – Access Ramp and Back Porch – $2,925.00

Learn more here: http://www.langenburg.ca/p/museum-committee


Langenburg Minor Ball – Fencing – $2,500.00

“By receiving funding for our fencing project, it will provide us with another completed diamond not only for league games but also for hosting playoffs and provincials. It also helps keep our registration fees down and provides an affordable sporting option for kids.”

Learn more here: http://www.langenburgminorbaseball.com/


Churchbridge Arena Operating Board – Dressing Room Benches – $2,500.00

“Just would like to say thank you on behalf of the Churchbridge Arena Board for the $2500 grant. The community investment program will help replace our dressing room benches that are in need of an upgrade, your program will make a positive impact towards the Churchbridge arena and everyone who enjoys using the facility and will definitely provide the much needed face lift it needs.”    

Learn more here: https://www.churchbridgearena.com/


Evergreen Club – Entrance Door and Flooring – $2,000.00

“The Evergreen Club would like to thank the Credit Union for selecting our Club to receive funds from the Community Investment Program. With the funds, we are able to do badly needed upgrades to our facility. Our plan is to make our building easily accessible to everyone, young and old. We are hoping to make the entrance area easier to enter for people with handicaps and also wheelchairs. We also do programs with the school, also. Not only younger students but also higher grades. Our building is used by everyone in our community. Churchbridge Credit Union, thank you for all you do for our community.”

Learn more here: http://www.churchbridge.com/living/Seniors.html


Langenburg Community Development Board – Storage for Cross-Country Skiis – $2,000.00

Learn more here: https://seda.sk.ca/directory-members-dire/listing/langenburg-community-development-board/


United Soccer Organization – Nets, Vests, Storage – $2,000.00

“Langenburg United Soccer Organization was established 11 years ago. We have been able to provide programming to over 100 young athletes  on an annual basis. Over the years, the Credit Union has been a major contributor to our success. Through grants and sponsorship, we have been able to purchase jerseys, nets, balls upgrade sports and storage equipment. Our program wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of The Credit Union. From the Board of Langenburg Soccer Organization, THANK YOU for your ongoing and generous support! We are all better for it!”

Learn more here: http://langenburg.ca/p/langenburg-united-soccer-association


Langenburg Daycare Cooperative – Access Control System (FOB System) – $1,500.00

“Thank you for your generous grant of $1500.00 to the Langenburg Daycare Co-operative.  The money will go towards our Access Control System.  It is greatly appreciated by our Staff, Board Members and Parents of the Daycare. 

The Access Control Panel has been on our wish list for a number of years.  To have this come true due to your donation means a great deal to our Centre.  The system will give our families peace of mind that only authorized individuals will enter the Centre throughout the day, which will keep our children safer.  We cannot thank you enough for the support that the Credit Union has given to the Daycare!” 

Find them on Facebook: Langenburg Daycare Cooperative


Langenburg Archery Club – Stands, Storage Cart – $1,500.00

“The Langenburg Archery Club is grateful for the support of the Churchbridge Credit Union Community Investment Program. The contributions made to our club help us create and implement programming that helps keep more Langenburgians active and have the opportunity to have a positive impact on their personal well-being. The funds will help us promote and develop the timely sport of Archery in a safe and ethical manner that will empower all participants to enjoy themselves and achieve goals.” 

Find them on Facebook: Langenburg Archery Club


Volya Unkrainian Dance Ensemble – Club Jackets & Pants, Storage – $1,350.00

“By receiving grant funding, we are able to protect our biggest asset, our costumes, with quality storage bags displaying our new club logo.”

Find them on Facebook: Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble


PARTY Program – Annie Rescue Doll – $1,000.00

“The P.A.R.T.Y Program (Prevent Alcohol & Risk Related Trauma in Youth) committee every year run a mock crash demonstration to Langenburg & Churchbridge student drivers to show the consequences of drinking/texting while driving. A strictly volunteer event. This year we had to make a purchase of a Rescue Doll in order to continue this event. Given the price of this & the fact we are a non-funded group, we rely on donations. The Churchbridge Credit Union has graciously donated $1000.00 from the Community Investment Program toward our purchase. We wish to thank them for the donation. Together we will save lives.”

Learn more here: http://www.langenburg.ca/p/party-committee


Churchbridge Shooting Star Preschool – Furniture, Equipment, Heaters – $500.00

“The Shooting Star Preschool Program was very excited to receive funds to our 2020-2021 school year. We are still set to open in the fall with the announcement to K-12 students being able to return to regular classes. The funds received will be put toward expanding our learning materials, as many items were sold with the closure of the program from previous years. Thank you again, to the Credit Union for the generous donation to invest in this extremely valuable program.”

Find them on Facebook: Churchbridge Shooting Star Play/Preschool


Little Poppets Nursery School – Kids Kitchen Set, Toys – $500.00

“We are thankful for your generous contribution to our program. We are able to purchase educational toys for dramatic play. Thank you from the staff, students, families and board of Little Poppets Nursery School.”

Learn more here: http://www.langenburg.ca/p/little-poppets-nursery-dont-delete- or

Find them on Facebook: Little Poppets Nursery School