Rhonda began her career in 1983 as an MSR in the Langenburg Branch. She got some experience as a Loans Officer but eventually found her role as a Loans Clerk, which became her permanent position in Churchbridge about 10 years ago. Rhonda feels her role at the Credit Union is unique since her members that she works with are her coworkers, more so than the public. She enjoys getting them information in a timely manner so that they may, in turn, pass on the quick service to our external members. She enjoys chatting with the members while they are waiting to see a lender: it’s nice to keep in touch with what’s going on in their lives. She says the best party of her job is this casual interaction: the lenders have to do all of the hard work with the members, and she gets the carefree side of them!
In the 35 years Rhonda has spent with the Churchbridge Credit Union, her most memorable experience was when the Langenburg Branch was robbed: she was on her lunch hour and had missed all the action by just a couple of minutes.
Rhonda’s favorite volunteering opportunity has been going to the Churchbridge School for the hot lunch program. She enjoys working with the other volunteers from town, as well as seeing some of our future members in the students there!
Rhonda will be retiring in May of this year, and we anticipate she will be kept very busy by her family. Rhonda’s beautiful smile and sweet, caring demeanor will be greatly missed by her co-workers and the members alike.