Shelly Marlowe

Shelly started as a casual employee with Churchbridge Credit Union nearly 18 years ago. Shelly always knew she wanted to work at a Financial Institution, so when she was ready to start working again after her kids started school, she decided to apply with the Churchbridge Credit Union.

Her current role is Senior MSR, which means Shelly wears a LOT of hats. She is the supervisor of the Member Service Representatives and Office Assistant, and schedules the front line staff. Shelly is responsible for term deposits, opening new personal and business accounts, and is beginning to learn the ropes of retirement services and estates. Generally speaking, Shelly helps people with their problems: both members and her co-workers. And she loves it! Shelly said she enjoys helping members the most by investigating fraud situations and helping members get their money back. She also enjoys the challenge of fixing problems with MemberDirect, cards – anything! She loves giving good advice that helps her members, and the appreciation they show in return.

Her most memorable experience with Churchbridge Credit Union was the time they went for some training in Melville. There had been a terrible snow storm, and they were plowing snow with Connie’s car. Another vehicle was unable to continue, so they pulled off into a farmer’s yard and everyone piled in with Connie!

What Shelly enjoys most about working at the Churchbridge Credit Union is the wonderful staff that she is proud to call her friends. The fun atmosphere and good moods of the employees seems to rub off on the members, creating great experiences for everyone. She loves how eager the staff are to help each other out. Shelly’s favorite volunteering experience with the credit union was when everyone came together to plan the Churchbridge Credit Union’s 75th Anniversary. It turned out to be a GREAT celebration!

Shelly lives in Churchbridge with her husband Dean and enjoys sharing stories about her children, Jennifer and Adam. Shelly is a BIG sports fan, but sometimes struggles between cheering for her native Hamilton Tigercats and her current Saskatchewan Roughriders.